Why Groundhog terrible home

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Thinking about a groundhog as a pet? Please read this article before or trapped in a lovely home. These demanding and honestly animals belong in the wild. Is there any upside? Absolutely. If I had to do it again, I would have chosen goldfish.

first Hibernate. That sounds like a good thing, but when you wake up in the spring, that’s another story. Every year, somewhere in March Madness, this little whistle pig is climbing up in the basement. Not only he was very hungry, but he is also looking for a new companion. Having to deal with a hungry marmot in the heat of the harsh urban environment, to say the least.

Digging second. I usually need to replace the carpet in my townhouse twice a year. Last July dug right in the dry wall and wedged himself between the walls. I had to call a contractor to help take off, and he was bitten in the process. It had to have a tetanus shot.

3. Veterinary Care. Not many vets will also agree that the “pet” groundhog does not have to experience one. I just brought the little boy to the vet once, and it was not a pleasant experience. The vet told me not to try to domesticate wild animals and threatened to call animal control.

4. It is not good for the children. When I first got marmot, I tried to get themselves around children. I assume that the children perceived as a threat, so he began snarling viciously so. Fortunately no one was injured. Safety measures, I always him on a leash when they go out, and I usually tie a string around your nose so you are not throwing anyone.

5. Special dietary needs. The marmot pet stores do not carry food, so I just feed him table scraps, which may be why she weighs about 45 pounds, and very lethargic. My favorite food Bugles and sometimes eat with flattery and, as if he’s trying to talk.

(No Groundhog injured during the writing of this article)

Source by Guy Bellefonte

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