The hamsters as pets – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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If at this point in your life where you are considering a pet, either for yourself or your child, you want the hamsters as pets.


The hamster is a very small animal that should not be a big change in your life. If you are short of time, you will find this furry addition to the family is a nocturnal animal, so you will not experience separation anxiety when you are away all day.

If you hate the thought of leaving the animal alone for a long time, you may want to explore the dwarf hamsters as you may have more than one of them in a cage together. You will want to be careful about mixing males and females, unless you want to raise hamsters himself.

hamsters as pets are usually silent friend to get around. They make noise, however. They squeak when excited or afraid to chew on the cage when the desire for attention and cry when upset. However, the small amount of noise is not nothing you can complain about the neighbors.

These furry critters can groom themselves. This is a great advantage if you simply do not have time for a lot of swimming and brushing. You can help them to keep themselves when lightly brush in excellent condition, but you want to be sure to use a very soft brush so you do not irritate the skin.


If you have an aversion to rodents, this may not be the pet for you. They resemble a rat, if it is found to run around in the dark. However, if you hold them, cuddle them and that perception will go.

You have to potty train a hamster. This is useful for keeping the sheets clean and fragrant good. All you have to do is choose a place for him to use the potty and some urine and faeces, which will then cover with litter. Place your pet in the same spot when he wakes up, and he will soon learn that the place to go.

The Ugly

The hamster is a very short-lived animals. They usually live 2-3 years if well cared for can really live for four years. This is a difficult task if you do not deal well with the loss of their pets.

This can be good or bad, if you have children. Not bad, to help the child adjust to the loss of a pet. However, this may be one way to help your child understand that pets and people can not live forever. This is a hard lesson, but perhaps better learned a beloved pet, like a relative.

As you can see the advantages of hamsters pets far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are considering a pet never neglect looking at the smaller breeds.

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