Owning a Pet Otter

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It may seem fashionable to own an exotic animal, but without owning an otter as a pet is illegal in most settlements permit. They kept wild animals and requirements that are different from those of the average household pet.

reason not to own pet Otter

If you take the applicant to allow you to own a pet otter, here are some reasons why you do not want. Of course, if you work in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, they do not cause as much concern.

Otters Bite

otter very sharp teeth and bite.

Otters Spray

otter are musky aroma and is very similar to a skunk spray the spray. They are certainly not the animals inside.

otter night

They like to hunt for food at night, and the last sound you need at night while trying to sleep, in addition to otters splashing in the pool.

Otters need to get close to the River

Otters love to hunt for fish in the river, and you can eat a lot of food a day. Chances are, you can not secure access to the river.

Otters learn survival mother

Otters need to learn how to survive from their mothers. Their mother taught them these skills up to 18 months of age.

Caring for an Otter

After an authorization otters, there are some special requirements must be checked.

water swimming and Food

Otters spend most of their time in the water. They live in very cold water, and they have a high metabolic rate, to keep them warm. They are also holding their breath under water for up to 10 minutes. These playful creatures who love to hunt and fish eat a lot of shellfish, frogs, sea urchins, and invertebrates.

However, since they are held in an unnatural enclosures, these foods should be introduced. The otter to eat 15 to 25 percent of body weight per day, and that a lot of fish. In the wild, they can spend up to five hours hunting for food. They can grow to 100 pounds, so plan on providing them with lots of food every day.

mating behavior

Otters can get very aggressive during the breeding is to make sure that the animals or other pets are not around, you pull the otters the animal into the water, and eat it.

any means to get the baby otter and you want to lift yourself (do not go near an adult otter), we see that there are caring for a pet otter, than meets the eye. For his own good and for the sake of the otter, why not turn over to the authorities who know what to do with survival.

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