Iguanas pets – Top 5 reasons people do not need to keep iguanas

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The following information shall be made twice, which iguanas pets. Do not get mislead to buy an iguana, just because their friends own one. This did not take care of them is not easy to work with them around.

Here are some important facts that you change your mind after having iguanas pets.

1. Purchase iguana will burn a hole in your pocket.

Buying pet iguana iguanas just starting and the cheapest in the area. Series that you need to obtain a set of additional equipment that is necessary to take care of the iguana. You should also get a special cage installed special lighting to maintain its body temperature.

You have to make it up a few shelves and a timer after climbing to constantly have an eye on the temperature change. Much consideration should be given to the diet. Food that is abundant calcium and other vitamins needed to stay healthy. Green leafy vegetables are preferred in this case.

These monetary problems stand in your way, which is a pet iguana.

two iguanas quite costly to maintain.

The size deceive you into thinking that a harmless silent animal. Even if they have to be very small given the proper treatment and attention as other pets. They require a lot of care treatment.

place should be kept clean by washing regularly. If you want your iguana to be disciplined and friendly to tame yourself.

In order to make the iguana trained early, this should be followed every day. We also need to catch them young people become restless and difficult to tame as they grow.

3. Maintain a distance of iguanas.

do not cuddle like the iguanas for dogs, cats and rabbits. They can not even keep them on your lap. We can only keep them on the shoulder or arm. Overlooking this can be dangerous to your health carefully.

You have to remember this especially in the first contact with the iguana, it will be wild or anywhere else that finally a scratch or a bite.

4. ungregarious iguanas.

iguana consider all the other animals in the enemy or dangerous predators waiting to kill them with a meal. So no matter how much you try you can never build a harmonious relationship with the iguana and the other dogs in the house.

Due to their size Iguanas there is a great danger of being stepped on and squashed playing around other animals. This is one reason that the iguanas prefer to stay in the dark and quite corners which are believed to be safe.

iguanas 5. Keep small children? S is available.

Do not allow children to get an idea of ​​an iguana as a pet. This is because reptiles require proper care when handling and therefore is not suitable for children who are negligent in this area.

If you think that your child is not mature enough to handle iguanas, better stick to safer pets than cats or dogs.

So, which information is what will stop you from getting a pet iguana think?

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