Foxes as pets – 6 Ways they differ from dogs

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Many people are enchanted with the idea of ​​owning a pet fox. They are gentle, intelligent animals, and has a lot of appeal, a “special” animal that not many people have. While Fox may fair to pet someone the time and resources to care for them, a lot of people make the mistake of buying a pet fox think it will be like a dog.

1. Foxes difficult to train

dogs are born with a very strong pack mentality. The dog sees you as the alpha and hard-wired to want to obey the leader. They live like that. But the fox lives to please too. Although they are very smart, the core motivation of a fox more than a dog. The dog wants to please, and it makes me happy, the fox wants to treat.

2. Foxes stench

Foxes have a very strong odor. Although the dog may take a few weeks to work with a strong stench in the bathroom, the fox smells skunky 24/7. This strong, musty odor is somewhat mitigated by the fox spayed, but can not be completely eliminated.

3. Foxes Shy

Many image of a fox as a pet is awesome that they show their friends and neighbors. Unfortunately the reality is almost always falls far short of this. While foxes are often very connected and affectionate with their families remain incredibly shy around strangers and visitors.

4. Foxes, special needs

In addition to foxes and special dietary requirements in practice to have a dog. They are extremely energetic, and the required load of exercise every day. A large, carefully constructed outdoor enclosure is essential. Which brings me to my next point …

5. Escape Artists Foxes

foxes are much more proficient I got coverings than even the most dedicated dog. They jump six feet in the air, climb fences, and even climb cling upside down on a ceiling along a chain link short distances. Any enclosure, which meant that the foxes are not only large, but it is impossible to dig out and a full roof.

6. Foxes destructive

Many people buy a fox false impression that it can be kept as an indoor pet, and let the free run of the house while they are away at work. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially the larger species such as the red fox. They steal and hide anything small enough to carry and shred everything but their teeth are in. It is almost impossible to break even the best trained foxes such behavior. A dog can be trained not to chew things, the fox is only taught to chew things while you’re watching . While the fox loose in the house, it requires the constant supervision.

In summary, the fox is that amazing pets for people who are willing to care for them. If you are interested in a pet fox, go into it with eyes wide open, do your research and understand that caring fox is not like caring for a dog.

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